Expect the WhatsApp Voice Calling Update on Windows Phone Devices Soon

Those who use WhatsApp on Windows Phone devices are not as many as expected. No wonder the developers of WhatsApp instant messaging app have been rolling out different updates in support of other platforms. As a matter of fact, it is only in the recent time that those using WhatsApp for Windows Phone were able to send and receive voice notes.

This is a feature that has being on iOS and Android for quite some time now. In addition, WhatsApp has of late rolled out updates to the Windows Phone app by including a fastening button for receiving new animations, read receipts and chat bubbles.

These are nothing close to what many users of WhatsApp for Windows Phone are expecting, but just insignificant updates to this application. Nevertheless, the good news for this minority group as revealed by an inside source is that WhatsApp voice calling for Windows Phone might also make its unveiling together with WhatsApp video calling for Windows Phone.

Rumor also revealed that WhatsApp will incorporate its calls into Skype where users will have the opportunity of calling by the use of Skype while talking to somebody else. This is on the premise that Windows 10 will come with a sturdy incorporation of Skype, doing away with the necessity of downloading and installing the app on your PC.

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