How to Use WhatsApp

Follow the next steps: 1. Download WhatsApp – Go to WhatsApp website, Android Marketplace and iTunes App Store to download WhatsApp for your phone.

2. Launch WhatsApp from Your Smartphone – You need an account that will be connected to your phone number. Hence, follow the onscreen prompts to create the WhatsApp account and let the application sync with your contacts to message those you know.

3. Manage your Favorites – When you are already in your account, you will see all your contacts that have WhatsApp account on the FAVORITE tab. If you maintain the list, you will know who has WhatsApp. However, this could be cumbersome if you want to access a few frequent contacts easily.

To clear the list and start afresh, click on EDIT in the top left corner and then DELETE ALL or toggle the red delete switch next to each name, if you want to delete individually.

4. Change Your Status – Go to the bottom horizontal navigation bar and click on STATUS and then tap the + in the top right corner to include a new status.

5. Invite Friends – It is time to invite those you will like to message to use WhatsApp. Click on CONTACTS tab in the middle of the navigator bar. Look for a contact and click on it to view the details. Then click on Invite <name> to get WhatsApp that will send them SMS invitation to download the application. Your friends must have been added on your contacts, before you can message a friend on WhatsApp.

6. Begin a Chat – If you want to start a chat, click on CHATS in the navigation bar. Then click on the pencil at the top right corner and choose a contact to begin a new WhatsApp message. This will take you to a new chat window to type a message. In the alternative, press the ARROW ICON for iPhone, MENU ICON for Blackberry or PAPERCLIP ICON for Windows Phone, Nokia and Android to share your video, photo, contact or location.

7. Wait for the delivery of your message to your friend’s phone – If you see a checkmark next to your message, your message was delivered successfully to the server but two checkmarks imply that the message was delivered to the device of the recipient.

8. Manage your chats – For you to manage your chats, click CHATS in the navigation bar to see a list of all your conversation on WhatsApp with individual groups and users. Click on one conversation to read an old one or continue the existing one.

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