Whatsapp Revolutionizing Modern Communication

With the onset of great advancement in communication technology, Whatsapp can be said to be crème of modern communication. It is very rare that you will find youths and young adults making phone calls. This can be attributed to the verity that texting has become one of the mainstream and most trendy aspect of communication. This has been enhanced by increased usage of mobile phones which have out phased the traditional land line telephones. The mobile phone has in itself gone through tremendous developments. However, the hallmark of the mobile phone technology has been the introduction of Android operating system for smart phones by Google. This introduced the world to the concept of apps that are used to fulfill different needs of Android users. The Whatsapp is one of the apps that have gained immediate popularity owing to the fact that most people having taken to texting.

Whatsapp App

Whatsapp is an app offered for free for android phones. When a user downloads Whatsapp Messenger, the user can text for free with other people who have downloaded the app. This can be done in different platforms. The app has a neat customization tools and group chat features. The app also offers easy location adding, which allows people to know where their friends are texting from. Once a user has downloaded the app, the user will have to convince friends to download the app. However, this is not hard because there are no extra costs associated with downloading and using the app. The fact that the app is offered in various platforms means that people who are using smart phones, android, and Apple products can access the services offered by Whatsapp.

The New Trend in Town

It is very rare that you will find a fashionable person not using the app. This can be attributed to the verity that it has garnered immediate fame among youths and young adults. Whatsapp has also been reported to be used by older demographics who find it convenient to communicate with the younger generation. Whatsapp popularity even influenced Facebook to purchase the app and incorporate it into the Facebook’s services. The fact that the app does not incorporate extra costs and offers free communication and exchange of information makes the app a significant feature in the modern digital world.

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