Whatsapp, The Messaging App with Best Features

Recently WhatsApp has become the best messaging app as quoted by Apple. Many of us have already switched our mobile phones to the smarter ones to use WhatsApp. WhatsApp Inc. Was founded in year 2009 but it gained its popularity back in year 2012 when android handsets took over the major market share which in turn benefited WhatsApp Inc also as its customer base swelled to more than 500 million users worldwide.

There are plenty of features in WhatsApp which makes this app unique from other apps. It’s not a typical chatting app but plenty more than just typing a message. There are some features mentioned below which even a general public might not be aware of.

WhatsApp is free

WhatsApp is a free app for the very first year and after that there’s a very nominal fee of 0.99 Cents for a year. It can be downloaded to any mobile platform or OS that is available in the market, be it a Google’s Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, etc.

Send WhatsApp conversation to anyone

A person can send an entire conversation history of any of the contacts to anyone over the mail (e-mail) as an attachment. The same is been sent with all the media files in that particular conversation i.e. photos, audio and video files, etc.

Backup of conversation

People using WhatsApp need not to worry if the conversation gets deleted or erased accidentally, as WhatsApp has a feature of auto backup of chat history. It gets auto backup in cloud at predefined interval as defined by the customer.

Media files can be shared

WhatsApp broke all the limitations which other messaging software’s had like transferring of picture from one mobile to another. Before WhatsApp came into existence if someone wants to send a picture from one mobile device to another then both of the handsets should be activated for MMS and internet. As in those medieval times even sending a 100-500KB picture also costs a dime. But in today’s world with WhatsApp, the same can be transferred without even spending a single cent on it. Also, as in E-mails there’s a limit of 2 to 10 MB attachment that can be transferred in a single mail was overcome by WhatsApp.

Privacy Option

This feature is available on all the operating systems of mobiles. You can hide your last seen option which protects you being getting seen by your WhatsApp friend.

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